Journey P508 Ribbed Tire

The Journey Ribbed Tire can be used for various applications, such as riding lawn mowers, lawn tractors, transport vehicles and other farm and specialty equipment.  The ribbed tread pattern is a very non-aggressive pattern which provides excellent steering for transport vehicles or lawn mowers.  

The Journey Ribbed Tire is an excellent alternative for the higher priced name brand tires.

Journey Ribbed tires are tubeless.

Sizes available for Riding Lawn Mowers, Utility Carts: 13x5.00-6, 13x500-6, 13x6.50-6, 13x650-6, 15x6.00-6, 15x600-6, 16x6.50-8, 16x650-8, 18x8.50-8, 18x850-8

*Wheel not included.

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