Journey P512 Chevron Turf Tire

The Journey Chevron turf tire offers the classic square shoulder tire design and has great traction which will not harm your lawn. The Chevron turf tire is primarily designed for use on use on riding lawn mowers.  

The Journey Chevron is an excellent alternative for the higher priced name brand tires.  

Journey Chevron turf tire is a tubeless tire.

Available sizes for Riding Lawn Mower, Riding Lawn Tractor: 11x4.00-4, 11x400-4, 11x4.00-5, 11x400-5, 13x5.00-6, 13x500-6, 13x6.50-6, 13x650-6, 15x6.00-6, 15x600-6, 16x6.50-8, 16x650-8, 16x750-8, 18x8.50-8, 18x850-8, 18x9.50-8, 18x950-8, 20x10.00-10, 20x10-10, 20x10.00-8, 20x10-8, 20x8.00-8, 20x800-8, 23x8.50-12, 23x850-12, 23x9.50-12, 23x950-12, 23x10.50-12, 23x1050-12

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